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To start your free trial and take your operations to the next level, send through your data and we'll take care of getting you up and running.

Simply let us know who you are and upload your data. We'll do the rest and when your Elafent trial is ready we'll reach out to let you know.

We can support a wide variety of data formats including -


  • Esri Shapefile (shp, .shx and .dbf)

  • MapInfo File (DAT, .TAB, .ID, .MAP and .IND)

  • ArcGIS Open Dataset

  • GeoJSON


  • XML

  • CSV

  • Geo Database File (.gdb)

  • Generic ASCII Files (delimited text format)

  • Database files (.db, .dbf, .mdb ...)

  • Excel Spreadsheets (.xls, .xlsx and .xlsb)


  • Word Documents (.docx and .doc)

  • PDF Documents

  • Excel Spreadsheets (.xls, .xlsx and .xlsb)

Is your data in a different format? Don’t worry, chances are we’ll still be able to work with it so please send it through.

A good tip is to compress your files, for example, as Zip, GZip, TAR, RAR or a similar format to make the upload faster.