Operational information is commonly comprised of a heterogeneous mix of structured and semi-structured data, unstructured content, images and videos which spans multiple information systems, exists in huge quantities and is constantly changing.

Trying to find the right operational information in these circumstances has can be like finding a needle in a haystack as users have needed to search across each information silo individually to find what they need. What’s more, to get a complete operational picture, users need to manually correlate their findings from each system and work out what information relates to what.

Through the Elafent Cloud Platform (ECP), we’ve applied our foundational philosophy of aggregating, correlating and disseminating operational information to get the right information to the right person at the right time so everyone can find all the information they need in one place.

Operational Challenges

Finding the right operational information and forming a complete operational picture can be a challenging task in today’s operational landscape. In many cases -

  • There is a huge volume of operation data spread across a number of vastly different, disparate source systems

  • There is a large variety of operational information including structured and semi-structured data, unstructured content, images and video files

  • Operational data is constantly being created and updated at high velocity

  • It is difficult to determine the veracity or trustworthiness of operational information

  • It is simply not feasible for organisations to manually link their data and try to define relationships using metadata

  • Users need to access numerous information silos individually to try and find a piece of the informational puzzle and then manually correlate it with pieces of information from other systems to form a complete operational picture

  • Each source system is complex in its own right and difficult for non-expert users to navigate with the resulting information difficult to interpret and make sense of

  • Critical operational information resides outside of an organisation and is provided by external peer organisations

  • It is difficult for users to find, view and interact with operational files such as documents, schematics and videos from mobile and tablet devices.

Operational Optimisation

Through the Elafent Cloud Platform (ECP), we deliver a unique area of differentiation by dynamically correlating large volumes of structured data, semi-structured data and unstructured documents and files, to -

  • Provide intelligent data driven recommendations that highlight relevant operational files such as procedures, policies, plans and diagrams as they relate to a specific asset, work order or business centric POI

  • Deliver a powerful enterprise search capability across all operational data (structured, semi-structured and unstructured)

  • Enable users to view and interact with operational documents, files and videos on their mobile and tablet devices and desktop.

Business Impact

By utilising the Elafent Cloud Platform (ECP) in this context, our customers have reported it has delivered significant business value to their field and office staff, contractors and peer organisations by -

  • Reducing the time spent searching for operational information

  • Improving the quality of operational decision making

  • Delivering better levels of customer service.