An informed customer is a happier customer and keeping them up to date with all the information that is relevant to them is an important aspect of driving engagement and improving overall satisfaction.

Through the Elafent Cloud Platform (ECP), we’ve empowered organisations to provide customers with secure access to all the information they need in one place and keep them up to date as this information changes to increase customer engagement.

Operational Challenges

Providing customers with access to all the operational information which is relevant to them is often a challenging endeavour. In general -

  • Customers are interested in understanding a range of information which comes from a variety of source systems, so they can understand their billing status and the location and status of their assets or any associated jobs, events or services which could impact them, their business or their friends and family members

  • Customer’s want to be able to access all this information in one place from their device of choice

  • Customers want to be kept in the loop as the status of this information changes

  • Customer data is sensitive and needs to be provided in a secure fashion

  • Separate customer facing solutions require a lot of heavy lifting and investment to implement, maintain and manage.

Customers often -

  • Need to navigate and search across multiple online systems and resources in order to find the information they need

  • Are not kept up to date as the status of information important to them changes

  • Revert to contacting the call centre when they can’t find the information they need or want to get an update.

The impact of these limitations and challenges can lead to -

  • Higher volumes of inbound calls and customer information requests

  • Increased operational costs

  • Reduced customer satisfaction and trust

  • Frustrated customers and staff.

Operational Optimisation

The Elafent Cloud Platform (ECP) empowers organisations to engage with the customers effectively by providing a compelling way to securely provide customers with access to all the information they need in one place and keep them up to date as this information changes.

Key elements of this capability include -

  • A secure, authenticated experience providing each individual customer with an aggregated view of all the operational information which is relevant to them in one place through Elafent’s powerful correlation capability

  • Support for self-service empowering customers to opt-in to stay up to date as the status of information changes by subscribing to notifications via SMS and/or Email

  • Historical data analytics enabling customers to view historical data and usage trends through interactive charts and tables

  • Responsive application design enabling customers to get a great experience on mobile, tablet and desktop devices via the browser

  • Real-time data updates enabling information viewed by customers to be updated via an API as soon as the source data is changed in an automated fashion

  • SaaS based cloud platform enabling organisations to get up and running quickly and cost effectively with minimal ongoing overheads.

Business Impact

The impact of providing customers with seamless access to all the information they need is clear with the adoption of a platform which can be deployed quickly and cost effectively without any heavy lifting. Benefits include -

  • Improved customer engagement, trust and satisfaction

  • Reduced load on call centre/customer service staff through the promotion of self-service

  • Reduced operational costs.

As an example, the table below illustrates the business value the Elafent Engagement App will deliver versus attempting the same coverage with a call centre customer service employee - 

Elafent Engagement App (Cost Per Interaction) ~$0.082
# interactions/hour for the same hourly cost of an FTE ~357.13
Equivalent # seconds an FTE would have available to complete each call in order to keep up with the Elafent Engagement App ~10.08

These figures are based on a comparison with a permanent call centre and customer service employee salary of $51,867 equating to an hourly amount of $29.28 which was the average advertised annual salary package for August 2016 in Australia according to SEEK Employment Trends.